Zodiac signs whose first relationship Breaks apart

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Your impatience causes you to fall in and out of love quickly. Breakups irritate you when the roles are reversed.

Aries has a strong sense of self-esteem. Because you are self-assured, rejection would be damaging to your ego. You wonder why they would abandon me.


A long-term relationship might help you come out of your shell. If so? In! If your relationship ends quickly, some Cancers will openly criticise your ex.


 You'll devour all relationship books, light voodoo candles, and attend pricey self-help workshops.


Scorpio, you often underestimate how much others care about you. Your spouse may have moved on by the time you're ready, bored of power clashes.


Capricorn, you are an excellent buyer. You're a dedicated partner. You're also tenacious.


The only way forward is to remain silent and accept a breakup. You may not feel anything until reality hits you since Aquarius is emotionally detached.


Libra, the scales sign, loses equilibrium first amid emotional turmoil. Heartbroken for the first time Libras are despondent and want immediate assistance.


Because of your theatrical temperament, your love life may appear Shakespearean. Your first romance may end and then restart, tiring your pals.

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