Zodiac Signs who Make The Best Lawyers

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Capricorns are competitive and goal oriented. Capricorns are the finest attorneys because they "hunger to prevail against an opponent" and

"put them up advantageously in a legal profession." They pursue their goals with gusto.


Virgos are thorough, methodical, and disciplined, which makes them great lawyers. Virgos are smart and self-critical. The zodiac's perfectionists achieve great things.

Virgos' sensitive and compassionate disposition may lead to a "desire to serve" that "lends itself nicely to their clientele," the astrologer says.


Libra, whose emblem is the scales of justice, is on this list by design.

Libra, the sign of "diplomacy and impartiality," may assess facts evenly. Their ambivalence makes them great debaters.


Scorpios are intuitive. Scorpio lawyers can read between the lines and uncover liars.

Scorpios' propensity to defend the weak makes them formidable court opponents.

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