Zodiac signs who do not consider themselves worthy of love

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Cancerians are homebodies and loving. They're sensitive and appreciate being with their friends.

This also makes Cancers feel unlovable. Cancers, like another sign, struggle to adapt to Earth's harshness.

Especially if they have a disciplinarian mom, a cruel aunt, or hateful siblings.


Aquarius is the zodiac's misfit. Not because Aquarians are shunned. Aquarius' laid-back, nonjudgmental vibe is usually liked. Aquarius may also make friends with anyone.

Aquarius privately feels unlovable, causing the outcast vibe. They think no one understands them or their vision and wonder whether they're insane.

Aquarius might be ahead of their time. They're impatient with those who haven't adapted to the changing times, which they find simple.


Pisces is the most sensitive and sympathetic zodiac sign. Pisceans' Earthly existence is unique and unfathomable to others.

They feel everything and occasionally check out. Also, the world is often unkind. Pisces internalizes the harsh facts of life.

As sponges, they absorb the communal dejection, misery, and grief. That makes them feel unlovable.

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