Zodiac Signs That Have The Best Style

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Venus rules Libra, and they have the best sense of style. A Libra sun, rising, or Venus is perhaps the most stylish sign you know.

Libras are balanced people. Without going overdone, they can pull off an outfit. Color is frequently worn by Libras and Libra Risings.


This probably doesn't surprise you. Leos are the most fashionable people. Fire signs with confidence stand out from the throng.

Leos and Leo risings frequently draw attention, especially when out and about in sweats.


Individualists of the zodiac Aquarius naturally made the list. Most importantly, Aquarius is sincere with themselves. Although they are not likely to set trends, they may.

They are hard workers, visionaries, and those who live in the future while we slowly catch up. The unexpected or well-made classics are what Aquarius favours.


Taurus values luxury, which is seen in their sense of style. It's simple to recognise a Taurus or Taurus rising by her laid-back, easygoing, cool-girl attitude.

They dislike fast fashion and other unsustainable practises and choose natural fibres over synthetic ones.

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