Zodiac Signs that Are Brutally Independent

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Aquarius are independent-minded. Aquarius is independent enough to not enjoy something just because it's popular or recommended.

Aquarians must decide for themselves, even if they're alone. They simply want self-approval. Aquariuses never conform. They're all about being innovative and original.


Sagittarians require freedom to do what they desire. They dislike asking for permission.

Sagittarians can adapt, so they don't worry about travelling somewhere new and not speaking the language. Since they trust themselves, they can handle risks and problems without panicking.


Self-confidence makes Aries autonomous. They may take chances or make mistakes, but they know they'll reach where they need to be and learn what they need to know.

They trust instinct. Even when others discourage them, Aries will go for it. Aries seek happiness by focusing on the positive. They're usually positive.


Geminis don't hate others. They don't envy, they achieve. Geminis ignore praise and criticism. They use constructive criticism but don't let it hinder their work.

Gemini don't need people to assist them impress themselves. Geminis are smart and can achieve what they desire without borrowing.

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