Your zodiac signs unluckiest month of 2023

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Aries: October

While the first half of the year promises financial success and career advancement, October may provide unexpected problems.

Taurus: April

Mercury will retrograde in earth signs three times this year, including for the majority of April in your sign. Conversation will get more tense as you adjust to your new lifestyle.

Gemini: November

A Full Moon in your sign in November may unearth hidden emotions, bringing weariness.

Cancer: December

The Cancer full moon at the end of the year might be emotional (in a good way).

Leo: February

In February, Venus in Aries may irritate Leo's pride. Due to a full moon in Leo, an ex-partner may return just days after Valentine's Day.

Virgo: August

August is the most difficult month for everyone, but especially for Virgo. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, will move retrograde at the end of the summer, putting all of their plans off track.

Libra: September

Libras will feel limited by the struggle between independence and expectations that this lunation brings.

Scorpio: May

Scorpios will flee for safety as a result of the moon eclipse on May 5 and Pluto's backward.

Sagittarius: July

In July, Venus retrograde in Leo makes Sagittarius unlucky in love.

Capricorn: January

This month, avoid making large decisions. Mid-month, Mercury turns direct, allowing Capricorn to make progress.

Aquarius: June

Saturn left your sign in March 2023, although its June retrograde may cause unexpected problems.

Pisces: March

In 2023, Pisces will experience a number of problems. Something truly significant will begin in March.

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