Worst Things to Text Your Partner in the Morning

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My day is fine, thanks for asking

These texts don't convey your desire. Since it's a fresh day, your text should be uplifting. If you don't hear from your spouse, don't assume anything either.

Call me when you wake up. It's urgent

Don't startle them. Communicate urgency or don't text. The other person expects bad news, yet you may wish to talk about something regular.

Here's a list of what I need you to do today

You may notice your spouse getting irritated with you if you send reminders, requests for help or duties, or frustrations about things not being done.

Even if you've been up for hours, your spouse may not want to wake up to a litany of requests. Receiving a to-do list in the morning seems demanding and unappreciative.

Why didn't I hear from you last night?

Good relationships don't need continual internet communication.

You shouldn't start the day by texting your lover, "why didn't I hear from you last night?" People sleep or work. This text is accusing and suspicious.

Good morning

Good morning is a horrible morning SMS. A "good morning" text is poor because it's an empty gesture that raises the question, is this message only on the top of a

person's to-do list and lacks deliberation and intention, or is the sender stating the absolute minimum to keep up with the status quo and not rock the boat?

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