Which Beard Style Perfect For Your Face?

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Round Face Shape

When styling a beard for a round face, make angles.

You need a style for cutting your beard that makes your round face look more square. You need a beard that focuses on your chin.

Oblong Face Shape

Faces with rounded corners can wear any kind of beard. The one with the most length and a strong jawline.

Oval Face Shape

People with longer faces want to look fuller, unlike people with round faces. Make the sides wider and the chin pointier.

Diamond Face Shape

Angled faces tend to have high cheekbones. To balance out your cheekbones, you should keep hair on your chin and make it wider on your cheeks and sides.

Triangular Face Shape

If your cheekbones are widest, choose a beard that covers your chin. When a beard is short or not all the way there, the jawline looks like a pear.

Square Face Shape

To make a square face look longer, the beard should be shorter on the sides and longer on the chin, just like a beard on a round face.

Sharp angles make sharp features stand out. Grow a thick beard, moustache, or both. There are also beards that are shorter than goatees.

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