Wendy's bringing back its Classic Frosty

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Wendy's added strawberry and peppermint Frosties last year. The US business has only launched three new Frosty types in 16 years, so this was a first.

Although change is wonderful, the chain's loyal consumers have missed the OG Vanilla Frosty, which returns to the menu this week.

Wendy's Vanilla Frosty debuted in August 2006. Wendy's abruptly eliminated the Vanilla Frosty in June 2022 to make room for the summer Strawberry Frosty.

When the company released its first holiday-themed Peppermint Frosty a month before Christmas, customers were again surprised. Vanilla's reappearance was unknown.

Customers liked the new options but wanted vanilla back. Even though the strawberry flavour smelled like "strawberries and cream" and

the peppermint flavour had a slight minty taste, they missed the vanilla flavour a lot. Reddit users requested the original.

"I'm not sure what Wendy's does, but their vanilla frosty's have a special taste that no creamery can mimic," one Redditor said.

After another lacklustre Frosty flavour announcement, another Redditor commented "Vanilla Strawberry."

Why doesn't Wendy's carry every Frosty flavour? Each restaurant has two ice cream machines to assure consistency due to limited cooking space.

Wendy's is giving burger-themed specials every week in January, according to Thrillist, so swing by for a Vanilla Frosty.

Beginning January 23, app buyers of medium or large fries will receive a complimentary Junior Bacon Cheeseburger.

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