Weird Things Couples Do In Love

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Thinks excessively about X

Before we were married, when we were on a lengthy automobile trip, I saw my future husband or wife smiling to himself.

My heart was touched by his happiness at being with me.

when falling asleep, makes nice tiny moans

The idea of cuddling up with someone as they sleep and making soothing noises is appealing.

They exude joy and appear to be deeply in love. ( I can't take much more adorableness. I have to strike something.

facilitated enjoying peanut butter

On Valentine's Day, my husband sent me a plastic disposable poncho, plastic gloves, a travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash, and

a lot of peanut butter candies so I could eat them outside, clean up, and throw them away without exposing our baby. Though silly, it was kind.

let's go to sleep

My wife wakes up earlier than me, so she constantly puts a pillow on my head to cover the lights.

creates adorable dances

My spouse has a dumb dance for each show's opening theme song, even though we barely watch a couple.

I must seem horrified, yet I find this behaviour amusing. He has behaved like way for much of our 30 years together.

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