Ways to hide your white hair while sitting at home

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with coffee

Coffee is useful for revitalization, mental clarity, and hiding the appearance of grey roots.

Consuming coffee regularly has been shown to promote hair development in both men and women.

Root concealer them temporarily

Using a temporary root concealer that matches your hair colour is one of the simplest methods to hide grey hair roots.

There's the powder, the can, and the sticks. Many types of applications exist, but they are all quick and simple to complete.

Dye your hair with henna

In the same way that henna can be used to temporarily colour grey hair, it can also be used to make beautiful, but temporary, tattoos on the skin.

Hair that has been dyed with henna can sometimes cause unexpected colour shifts when exposed to other chemical products (such as the developer, highlights, or permanent colour).

new part

If you have grey hair and don't want it to be too obvious, a zigzag part can be the way to go.

Make a bun and go

Avoid having your roots show by wearing your hair in a low, unparting bun. This style is both elegant and practical.

Wear a hat

Putting on a hat is the time-honored method recommended for concealing any aspect of one's appearance that is related to their hair.

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