Wawa Is Finally Opening Its First Locations

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Wawa's cult is real, and if you've ever gone to this convenience store/gas station/glorified 7-11, you know it's worth the trek.

Wawa locations aren't simple to find. Fans want it since most retailers are on the Mid-Atlantic coast in Pennsylvania, New Jersey,

Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Florida, with a handful in Florida (probably for the snowbirds who had to have their turkey sandwich and iced tea fix).

Not from the East Coast? Wawa is going to undergo a major shift, so don't worry. Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky will get Wawalands.

Wawa's president and CEO stated in a news statement on December 7th, "Growing at Wawa entail both strengthening existing markets and expanding into new ones

neighbouring and new markets, allowing us to meet new friends and neighbours and welcome them into our extended family."

As he put it, "These locations are ideal for Wawa to expand because of their strong business communities, family-like culture, and the

trust that these towns will embrace our unique offer and fantastic colleagues."

Wawa has expanded to roughly 1,000 locations in its designated zones since 1964. In June, Wawa stated that Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky would join Tennessee by 2025.

If that's too long, according to the official news release, Wawa locations may open in Alabama, North Carolina, and Georgia in 2024.

The company "prioritises excellent working conditions for its almost 36,000 employees and cultivating a sense of community—values reflected by a loyal customer base."

In the press release, Wawa's Real Estate President stated, "We have had hundreds of requests over the years to expand our wings farther west!"

"In 2025 and beyond, we can't wait to reconnect with folks we know from previous markets and meet new friends and neighbours!"

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