Walmart Will Charge for Bags at Over 200 Stores

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Everyday Walmart brings one or the other low price offer, so that it can save your money.

The news is coming that Walmart will charge you for its bags in its 200 stores from 1st January.

When you do some shopping from the store, it is very important to carry the items you have purchased in the bag. Walmart will charge for bags in all Colorado stores first. 

Plastic bags will no longer be used in Colorado stores, but paper bags will be used instead.

Walmart said that the customer who does not bring a carry bag with him will be charged 10 cents for the paper bag.

It's not the Colorado stores that will charge for the bag, but the Vermont, Maine, and New Jersey stores that charge for it.

This rule will be applied at 206 Walmart stores.

Along with charging 10 cents for a paper bag, Walmart will also ban polystyrene containers in the future and this rule will be implemented in 2024.

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