Type of Person Most Likely to Steal Your Partner

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Actions taken to attract the attention of someone who is already in a committed relationship.

Men who were strong in Machiavellianism but lacking in conscientiousness were more likely to attempt to steal someone else's girlfriend.

Successful men, on the other hand, tended to have high psychopathy scores and low agreeableness scores.

High levels of psychopathy and Machiavellianism, particularly in men, were the most important predictors of poaching incidents, independent of gender.

The most effective poachers have features of openness, friendliness, and psychopathy.

Poaching was connected to the personality of both a lady and her spouse, which was an intriguing discovery.

Researchers expected to uncover a higher link between narcissism and poaching, but they didn't.

In contrast to our predictions based on the other personality traits we examined, we found no evidence that narcissism had any substantial actor or partner effect on mate poaching episodes.

People who steal from others may do so because they have poor self-esteem.

By making friends with someone and then waiting for something more significant to develop, you may avoid exposing yourself too soon and establishing the groundwork for a relationship.

It's less of a burden to blame the lack of interest on the partner already in place rather than your own.

If one spouse isn't getting what they need from their love relationships—intimacy, shared interests, or all three—the other might adjust their behaviour to suit their partner.

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