Top Restaurant Chains That Bake Own Fresh Bread


It has its own section on the internet. According to the company, their rolls are "baked fresh every five minutes," ensuring that each table receives hot buns.

Texas Roadhouse

Unlike other major steakhouse restaurants, Texas Roadhouse claims that its bread is prepared from scratch.

Despite the fact that much of Red Lobster's seafood is frozen, the chain's famous cheddar biscuits are made in-house—sort of.

Red Lobster

The method was outlined by a Reddit AMA employee. When the biscuit mix comes from headquarters, one chef adds water, shapes the biscuits, and brushes them with garlic butter.

Fresh ingredients are used at Fuddruckers. According to its website, the restaurants never freeze their meat and prepare their buns everyday.


Logan's Roadhouse's scratch-made yeast rolls have been a brand icon since 1991.

Logan's Roadhouse

Logan's half-pound steak burgers and sandwiches feature "the same great quality and flavour in every bite" owing to handmade buns made from the famed yeast roll recipe.

Cracker Barrel has become associated with comfort. The website of the firm contains a page dedicated to how their cuisine is created with "care."

Cracker Barrel

Buca di Beppo is famous for its family-style meals and mozzarella garlic bread. Garlic bread with mozzarella and parmesan.

Buca di Beppo

According to what I read on the restaurant's website, the bread is freshly baked.

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