Top Notch Traits of a Dry Personality

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Emotionally Blank

Dry people keep their feelings in check. Lucky? Smiling. Lifetime in prison? frown.

Highly Judgmental

People who are dry often judge. Having to do with anxiety, it's not cute.


Dry individuals are punctual. People who try to be perfect can be obsessive-compulsive.

Not Excitable

They rarely show happiness or sadness and have good control over their body language. Dry people aren't lively.

Don’t Contribute

People who are dry want to stay out of the spotlight. So, they rarely start arguments.

Life of Routines

Don't get the wrong idea: routines are good. Studies have shown that people with routines are more successful, productive, and emotionally stable.

Exceptionally Uptight

Reserves can take it easy. Tense people never calm down. Worse, they want everyone to be like them and look down on other people.

Lacking Good Stories

People might become dull and shallow without stories. If you do nothing, you might not be interesting or friendly.

Negative Tendencies

People who don't smile much tend to seem sad. They don't show emotion, don't seem excited, and don't seem to care. Even if they think it, they don't say much about it.

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