Top National Park Lodges Instead of Camping

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Old Faithful Inn

Despite the fact that the lobby ceiling reaches the top level of the seven-story lodge, the rooms are open to the outside. Each balcony has a view of the lobby.

Zion Lodge

The Western-themed Zion Lodge in Utah's Zion National Park provides big hotel rooms and gorgeous cottages. It's close to the park's hiking trails and shuttle service.

Lake Crescent Lodge

This historic lodge is on a magnificent glacially formed lake that was created by massive ice sheets thousands of years ago and is surrounded by rocky valleys.

Grand Canyon Lodge

The Grand Canyon Lodge on the North Rim offers breathtaking views and easy access to the park's attractions.

Hike from the lodge to the canyon rim for breathtaking views. There are rooms, cabins, and a restaurant at the Lodge.

The Ahwahnee

Queen Elizabeth II, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Clark Gable, and Gertrude Stein have all stayed at the opulent hotel.

Glacier Bay Lodge

This remote Alaska lodge offers a free, excellent campground. In the damp environment, however, insects and bears abound.

Lake Yellowstone Hotel

The Lake Yellowstone Hotel offers breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding environment. There are cabins, rooms, and suites available at the hotel.

The Death Valley Oasis

The Oasis resort and spa has four restaurants, two spring-fed pools, a hotel, desert rides, and the world's lowest-altitude par-70 golf course at 214 feet below sea level.

Many Glacier Hotel

The structure, which was refurbished in 2016, has view-filled lounges, exposed log beams, and a three-story lobby with a Chickering baby grand piano.

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