Top Fast Food Items at Top Restaurants

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Pretzel Bacon Pub Triple at wendys

We can also call it triple patty burger. Till date whoever has eaten it has praised it. You should definitely try it once.

Chicken Fries at burger king

Burking King has always been providing delicious Chicken Fries. Its chicken fries are very thick and long and they are fried well.

FRITOS Chili Cheese Wrap at sonic

When cheese is added with chillies, their combination becomes more tasty. Apart from these, Sonic also adds corn chips to this item.

Boss Sandwich at subway

As the name suggests, it is a boss sandwich. This sandwich provides us 1200 to 1800 calories. it's too much delicious to eat.

Fan Favs Box at jack in the box

This is one of the amazing food items from Jack in the Box which is loaded with 1750 calories. It is made of french fries, tacod and onions.

4X4 at in-n-out

The 4*4 In-N-Out chain has a secret menu item. We can also call this quad a quad. In this item we receive a four layer beef with cheese.

16-Piece Bucket at kfc

This 16 pieces bucket of cuffs has been around for a very long time and we can believe that it will last for a long time.

 In this bucket there is approx all chicken products of KFC.

Diablo Chicken Sandwich at arby's

Arby's make very tasty fast food and Diablo Chicken Sandwich is one of them. To enhance its taste, Arby's uses Jalapeno.

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