Top Chains That Serve Whole Fish Sandwiches Not Fish Sticks

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A limited amount of fish sandwiches are available at Arby's starting in the early winter and lasting until the start of either spring or the start of Lent

at least since the early 2000s. The King's Hawaiian Fish Deluxe will often be regarded as the greatest sandwich on offer.


These sandwiches are popular among customers of fast food establishments and feature substantial fillets of wild-caught flounder.

Every year, right before Lent, Popeyes' Cajun Flounder Sandwiches arrives on the list before disappearing long after.

Red Lobster

This sandwich is hardly healthy (the amount of salt and fat alone should make you wary), but it is prepared with real fish and has no fillers.


This sandwich typically debuts on Wendy's list in feb. and disappears once more in april, making it very much a seasonal item associated with Lent annually.


No one should be surprised to learn that Culver's North Atlantic Fish Filet Sandwich is made using a fillet of Atlantic cod.

Captain D's

The Massive Fish Sandwich at Captain D's does not actually consist of a complete fish fillet. 

It uses two fish fillets. These batter-dipped fish sandwiches have lettuce and tartar sauce.

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