Tips To Save Your Blond Hair From Fading

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Reduce your exposure to UV radiation

Bleachers may feel better if they spend time outside.

Make routine masking a priority

Masks are made to fix the most important problems with your hair, like losing colour.

Make use of a shower filter

It could make your colour change over time. Hard water will wash out hair colour and make hair look dull.

Keep an eye on your pool's activity

Swimmers know that swimming can damage hair. In the worst cases, water could change the colour of your blonde hair.

Take care to clean

Dry shampoos get rid of oil, give hair more body, and add moisture. Some can even give your blonde hair colour.

Keep an eye out for the purple shampoo

If you have blonde hair, the purple shampoo might have caught your eye. They add tone and get rid of brassiness. The colours also stay the same between sessions.

adore your hair gloss

A hair gloss may be something you can only get at a salon. It keeps hair from losing its colour and makes it shiner, so it's a must-have in many blonde homes.

Increase the impact of colour

If you need a quick fix for your style, a hair mask might help keep your colour and keep your hair soft.

Change to cold water

If you can stand it, wash your hair in tepid or cold water to keep the colour from running. locks the top layer of hair.

Use the proper products

Use products made for your hair type. Blonde hair needs products that keep it from getting brassy and keep it looking fresh.

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