Tips for Your Perfect Manicure After 60

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please don't be afraid of the colors

Bright hues of nail paint are your greatest friend when it comes to maturing hands.

Avoid some special colors

Shades that blend in with your skin should, on the other hand, be avoided.

Avoid translucent colours or tints that are too close to your skin tone since they will give you the dreaded'mannequin hands' look.

maintain The Classic shapes

Manicure nails should be round or almond in shape. These curves make fingers appear longer and younger.

think about to try a gel mani

We recommend gel for mature hands. The application and removal procedures are quick and simple.

Your nails are prepared to go as soon as the top coat is applied and cured, thanks to a convenient UV light that dries the gel polish.

take care of your nails

With ageing, nails can harden and shatter. Your nails may lose their lustre as you age, so you should take care of them.

Nail strengtheners help to strengthen the nails. There are both over-the-counter and DIY cures accessible.

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