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Wearing Skirts

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Midi skirts may suit tiny women better than maxi skirts. If you're tall, a maxi may be preferable than a midi.

Consider your body type

Consider styling a new skirt before buying it. Jewelry and tops are included.

Try tucking your shirt in

You may wear it with a t-shirt, buttoned cardigan, or blouse, but tucking your shirt in will look better.

Bad shoes may spoil a good outfit. Choose comfy, skirt-compatible shoes. If you're above 65, don't wear high heels.

Choose the right shoes

A slip skirt if you're unsure of your skirt style. These skirts are trending right now, so your favourite retailer should have them. Slip skirts suit all heights.

Try a slip skirt

You may assume "slimming" tones like navy and black are necessary as you age. This is false.

Colors and patterns are your friends

Skirt colours and designs have "no hard and fast guidelines". You'll have to try several styles.

If all your skirts ended up in a charity bin, try one next time you freshen your wardrobe. The appropriate attire may help you look and feel confident.

Rock that confidence

Tips For Wearing

A Down Jacket


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