Tips for Wearing a Down Jacket Women

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Pick a silhouette with some shape

All that puff may keep you warm, but adding heft may not be your style. Instead, choose sleeker Thinsulate-insulated down coats.

Find ones with waistbands or thinner quilted sections. Diagonal panels make certain coats seem sleeker.

Flatter your figure

For a more hourglass-like appearance, choose a puffer/down jacket with a belted waist if you're pear-shaped.

If you're apple-shaped, choose a puffer/down jacket with structure to avoid fat around your waist.

Don't get stuck on a black jacket

If a black or neutral jacket boosts your confidence, wear it! Black, navy, or camel will last longer and fit your clothing.

You may spice up the coat with a scarf, hat, or gloves. Don't feel obligated.

Dont forget to accessorize

Don't forget warm accessories. Pile on gloves, scarves, and hats for a stylish look.

An extra-large scarf, belt, or vest can be worn over a down jacket to accessorise it.

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