Tips for Having Bangs Over 60

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Before the salon, Do your research

Your facial shape affects the ideal bang. Always peek at bang style images. Ask your stylist what suits you best.

Consider these styles

A pixie cut or jagged, asymmetrical style with bangs is edgier. Try a long, layered cut with bangs for volume and movement.

Side-swept and curtain bangs are fantastic ways to try fringe without going full-on.

Get the right gear to succeed

After cutting your fringe, try different styles. Use a round brush and blow dryer instead of a flat iron or curling iron for a soft, bouncy bang.

If you don't want your bangs to be excessively rounded or curved, use a Denman brush and blow dryer. This procedure creates a smoother bang with softness.

Carry dry shampoo

Your bangs may rebel despite your styling. Always have dry shampoo nearby.

Due to skin oils, bangs get oilier sooner than you believe. Washing them too often might thin them.

Trim regularly

A grown-out bang was bohemian and glamorous in your 20s. It may appear messy today. Trims will avoid it.

This will keep individuals tidy and prevent them from getting too lengthy and unmanageable. You'll have gorgeous fringe for as long as you want.

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