The Zodiac Signs That Are Super headstrong


A Taurus is the most stubborn of the zodiac signs and can't be persuaded to change their mind about anything. 

Notoriously Stubborn Taurus

 Because of their unwavering resolve, it is fitting that the bull is the emblem of Taurus.

Everyone knows that Capricorns may be on the strict side; those born under this sign tend to be more rule-followers than rule-breakers.

Rule-Following Capricorn

 It's hardly shocking, however, that so many Capricorns hold firm to their convictions and are unwilling to budge for anyone.

If you challenge an Aries to a dialogue or dispute, and you make a convincing argument, 

Aggressive And Unstoppable Aries

it's likely that the Aries will not give in and will instead argue passionately against you.

Scorpios are permanent signs, and as such they may be quite committed to their own views and beliefs.

Famously Intense Scorpios

They are set on it... However, if Scorpio is in a bad position, such as a toxic situation or an unfulfilling employment, their tenacity may keep them there.

Leos, like Taurus, reject major changes, despite their outward boldness.

Headstrong And Attention-Loving Leos

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