The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Take Back Their Ex in 2023

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Aries: Nostalgia will take over

It's possible that the first three months of 2023 will bring you an unexpected love affair,

A chance to see your ex again, and an unstoppable desire to them.

Gemini: Ready to forgive and move on

The year 2023 presents you with several chances to experience the pleasures of your romantic life. 

 In addition, following a potential reconciliation in June or July, you can find yourself back in your partner's arms in August.

 Leo: On the lookout for balance and stability

During the 23rd of July to the third day of September, Venus will be in backward in your sign, and this might prompt you to reconsider your previous decisions.

It's possible that this may cause you to get back together with your ex during the month of August for a steamy reunion.

 Sagittarius: Will offer an olive branch

Your romantic life is most likely to be rather dramatic in 2023, and throughout the summertime,

Because Venus will be in retrograde, it could be simpler for your ex to get back together with you at this time...

 Will you make an effort to avoid meeting their gaze.

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