The Zodiac Sign That's Always Late

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Due to their popularity, others in their social circle typically don't mind if those born under this symbol are a little late to an event.

It's clear that they have faith in the assumption that nothing will get going until they show up.


This sign of water makes an effort to be punctual, but is often flustered and so often late.

If someone you care about is a Cancer and they're ever late, try not to take it personally; they're doing the greatest they can.


Every moment they schedule something, like a business lunch or an exercise class, they end up running late.

They put in a lot of time with hardly any consideration and are chronically tardy.


In order to keep your Sagittarius friend from showing up late, you might need to start informing them that the particular event begins an hour sooner than it does.


It is difficult to convince the people of this zodiac because they have to come on their own time.


Stop wasting your time trying to persuade this erratic sign to alter its ways; you won't succeed.

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