The Zodiac Sign That Obsess Over Ex

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Taureans want to know if you date, how you spend your time, and who you are following a breakup.

Taurus places a high importance on love and relationships, thus losing them quickly can be sad. To remember you, people will become obsessed.


Unlike Taureans, Virgos are so self-critical that they perceive a breakup as a personal failure.

The sign will regret all they did wrong and how they might have done more to save the relationship, but some things are not meant to last.


Air signs are spiritual and have a unique outlook on life. Because Aquarians feel that everyone is their soulmate, they fall in love quickly and deeply.


Leos are confident in their romantic relationships, believing an ex cannot go on.

Leos are competitive and self-righteous, so they may check their ex's social media to ensure that they are not being surpassed.


Dreamy Neptune controls Pisces. Instead of focusing on the unpleasant truths, they dwell on what may have been in earlier relationships.


This fascinating and potent water sign is possessive and protective of their family. They will do anything for their partner. Nevertheless, a breakup may cause issues.

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