The Top Ways to fix broken nails

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Get Your Nails Ready

If your nail is really short, you might just need to file it.

The next step is to rub your nail until it is completely smooth, and then clean it with alcohol.

Tea Bag Taken Off

After you file your nail, Dunne says to cut a small piece of a tea bag and put it over the crack. 

 It's fine if the tea bag covers the whole nail, so don't worry about that.

Clear Base Coat the Crack and Tea Bag

If this is the case, use a gel liquid foundation instead of clear polish and fix it between coats with a gel light.

Put on some clear polish, and then use a toothpick or pliers to place the tea bag on your nail.

Use polish to finish

Tea bags are amazing for fixing damaged nails, but after you see how effectively they work.

you'll want to make sure your repaired nail matches the rest of your manicure.

The Last Glance

Nail stickers can effectively hide flaws in your nail's appearance.

Best Ways To Remove Dip Powder From Nails

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