The Thing to Never Order at a Taco Joint

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For clear reason, tacos have gained popularity throughout the world as a go-to comfort dish.

However, not all taco is of the highest quality, there are some items you should avoid ordering at taco restaurants just as you would at a Mexican restaurant.

Just as an incorrect order may lead to disaster at burger shops, Chinese eateries, and cocktail bars, so can one at a diner specialising in tacos.

 tacos should be made using fresh, hand-pressed tortillas from corn, prepared using the nixtamal process, as they do at Coyo Taco.

It's become usual practise to spread mayonnaise on top of tacos instead of homemade salsa, but the latter is what truly elevates the former to greatness.

It's usually low in calories, has no trans fat, and works with a wide variety of special diets.

I generally ask for the three largest dishes because small companies are recognised for their expertise. I then eat one of those.

It's time to accept which menu options you should skip, specifically everything that isn't a taco.

You can make something just as good at home by toasting tortillas and topping them with melted cheese.

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