The Personality features of a Leo

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The lion symbolises Leo, and those born under the sign of the fire element are the astro-equivalent of the king and queen of the jungle.

They are overjoyed to take on the responsibilities of their royal status.

Leos are gregarious, dramatic, and passionate individuals who adore being the centre of attention and revelling in their own success.

Every Leo is a celebrity in itself. It doesn't take much time to go to a big party wearing expensive clothes.

People of Leo zodiac are famous for their loyalty and for their stability.

Leos are loyal to their friendship and love. They give their precious time to relations.

Leos are very happy but their pride destroys their happiness. That's why they should not be too arrogant.

People of Leo zodiac are very ambitious. But most of all he is known for his bravery. And these people work very hard for their goal.

The people of Leo zodiac sign do the work with full dedication. There is no such work for them, which these people cannot do.

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