The old type of haircut is back which is trending

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A-line cutting

You may sport this style without feeling the need to immediately request the manager's attention.

All-natural waves

There are many ways to tame naturally wavy hair, but if your hair tends to flatten out at the crown, a stacking haircut may be the answer.

Smooth and smart

Its design is voluminous and smooth, with a traditional and elegantly rounded form.

minor highlights

That really is the highlight for the size that is somewhere in the middle.

Short bangs

If you want a trendy, avant-garde hairstyle, switch out the long layers around your face for short, jagged bangs.

colours that pop

A daring, attractive hair colour looks great with a stacked bob because it frames the face and stays close to it.

Short and jarring

You may give your bob a more edgy look by making it shorter, by chopping off one side, or by adding an edge.

Vintage highlights

Whether you go for a short cut or a longer style, retro is always a hot look.

Long and unkempt

If you have long hair, a stacked bob might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, adding a lot of back layers can make any cut look taller.

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