the most popular Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs


Give your look some texture by wearing a messy shoulder-length cut with bangs and layers.

Bangs and shades in shoulder-length hair

The best way to frame a lion's mane is with layered curtain bangs, which are both stylish and easy to take care of.

Layered, chopped hair with side-swept bangs

Choosing a shoulder-length cut with bangs will make you look years younger. Wrap your bangs and front layers gently around your face.

Hair with highlights and bangs on the side

Women with round faces look best with medium-length hairstyles that have feathered front layers, wispy texture, and bangs.

Hair about shoulder length with wispy bangs

Think about having thick, curly hair that just won't behave. With a layered cut and a jagged fringe, you can keep it in check.

Hair with a few curls and bangs

The shade makes you look sophisticated and calm, which is great for people with olive skin tones.

Bangs and wispy shoulder-length hair

These bangs are just the right length to show off your shoulders and swing around. They give off a fun, carefree vibe.

Wispy Messy Ban

Because bangs are long and generally straight, they can be pinned back straight or braided with the front hair.

Classy Brown Hair in the Middle

If your hair is fine, cut bangs on the side and feather the ends all over to add volume and texture.

Straight, medium-length hair with bangs

Most Popular Shoulder Length Hairstyles

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