The Most Overpriced Pizza Chains

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Pizza Hut

We recently examined the most expensive fast-food chains, and the Hut was the only pizza chain.

It's more expensive than Domino's and Papa John's, but the quality seems low.


Even Domino's, with its loyal customers, is getting pricy. Domino's is pricey on Reddit and Twitter.

The store also devalued two of its most popular bargain offerings this year. The $5.99 Mix & Match combo is now $6.99, while the $7.99 carryout deal is only available online.

California Pizza Kitchen

Some say California Pizza Kitchen's fast-casual experience doesn't make up for the pie's high price.

"Over the previous decade, pizza has become more expensive and smaller," one Redditor observed. "I love their pizza, but it's a ripoff," observed another.

Papa Johns

Papa John's handcrafted specialty pizzas cost $21.99 each. The chain's higher quality and prices have upset customers.

For a company that promised "better ingredients, better pizza," the Epic Stuffed Crust may seem odd.

MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza makes bespoke pizzas with unlimited toppings. That will be costly. MOD Pizza only sells 6" and 11" pizzas for one or two people, priced from $8 to $12.

Due to low quality, "little" pizza servings, and poor flavour, the customised pizza restaurant is criticised for its exorbitant prices.

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