the most beautiful haircut for long hair

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Bra Strap Length with Layers Turned Around

Layering your hair could solve all your hair problems, so go for it.

long hair with several layers

Long, layered hairstyles for women are common. Layers of different lengths will give your hair structure and movement as you walk.

Layered Hair in the Mid-Back

Try something new with your thick hair this year. Unruly hair can be tamed by having a stylist cut long layers into it.

Long Hair with Plumes

Feathering is good for all hair types, from thin to thick, even though the results might look very different.

Swooping feathered layers with Balayage

The long layered cut is the one that will last the longest. Curl the ends and add some highlights to make it look good.

Long Layers for Course Hair

Curling the ends of your long, thick, layered hair will make it look more lively and light.

Brown U-cut with layers that are turned up

With a U-cut, you can add depth and volume to your hair, and the rich chocolate brown colour will make everyone drool.

Long hair with layers and light waves

For a night out, brush your hair back and make soft waves in it. This will give you a sophisticated, windblown look.

Layers with big pieces for thick hair

This style of haircut smooths out the natural movement of your hair, making it look even better than it did before.

Long Shag Hairstyles For All Hair Types And Face Shapes

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