The Lipstick You Should Use Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Red Lipstick

Put on a bright red lipstick and feel the strength and confidence that come from embracing your feminine power.

Taurus: soft Pink Lipstick

Pink is not only the colour that looks best on you, but it is also the colour that most people think of when they think of your zodiac sign.

Gemini: Sheer Lip Gloss

"That will draw attention to their vocal cords, so people will pay close attention to what Gemini says.

Cancer: Silver Lipstick

You are the best at expressing yourself, so choose a lipstick colour like silver to match your beauty.

Leo: Lipstick with Sparkles

Pick up a bunch of these different-colored glitter glosses if you want to show your individuality through the way you look.

Virgo: Peachy Lip Stain That Lasts Forever

Long-lasting peach lip stain is your favourite because it doesn't need much upkeep during your busy day.

Libra: Gold Lipstick

To help Libra feel like the sociable goddess they truly are, we've created this golden, shimmering hue.

Scorpio: dark berry lip colour

If you want a partner with a lot of passion, bold berry red lipstick is the way to go.

Sagittarius: Lip balm with colour

Use a light tint with SPF when you're hiking during the day, and a darker shade when you stop for drinks.

Capricorn: Matte Taupe Lipstick

A glossy taupe lipstick is a great addition to your makeup collection because it's both eye-catching and easy to wear.

Aquarius: Deepest Black Lipstick

You can be sure that this colour will highlight your individuality.

Pisces: Purple Lipstick

In addition to monarchy and wealth, light purple is also connected with a gentle, amorous vibe.

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