The cutest little nails that are very fabulous

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French tips in red

Like the look of a French manicure but want to add some colour? All you need is a French manicure like this one, which is red.

Clean and bare

A perfect nude mani can't be beat. But because neutral finishes are so fragile, they don't give off the natural look that people want for long.

Ombré Cotton Candy

With fading acrylic ombré, you can show off two of your favourite colours, and you'll be happy that they'll last for a few weeks.

Embedded Ombré

In addition to the natural beauty of bare nails, adding glitter to them makes them look even better.

Naked Rounds

If you want an unpolished look but don't like how some nail art makes your nails look squared off, you could have your fake nails rounded off.

Deco style

These numbers in the Art Deco style will make your day more fun. With bold colours, sleek shapes, a touch of black, and a length that is easy to wear.

Typical Red

We may have found the equivalent of Ruby Woo in the world of acrylic nails. A basic red is always a safe choice, and it works especially well during the winter holidays.

Bomb-lettes in glitter

Accent nails are used on acrylic nails that are longer and more daring. The fact is that a glitter manicure looks best on short nails.

floral specifics

Acrylics made by professionals can make a beautiful pattern that will last for days. Still, polish and a pushpin could be used to make a cute pattern that would last for weeks.

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