The Best Yo Mama Jokes of All Time

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1. Yo mommy so big, I swerved in my car to avoid her and ran out of petrol.

2. Yo mother is so big that she hits oil when she wears high heels.

3. Yo mother is so obese that she was deposed by a tiny militia group, and she is now known as the Republic of Yo Mama.

4. Her work title is Spoon and Fork Operator, and she's so overweight.

5. When Yo Mama went by the TV, I missed three shows.

6. Yo mommy is so overweight that when she sits around the home, she SITS AROUND THE HOUSE.

7. Yo mother was so naive that she assumed Twitter was a social networking platform for birds.

8. Yo mother is such a moron that it takes her an hour to prepare minute rice.

9. Yo mother was so naive that she assumed KFC was UFC for birds.

10. When I informed her that she had lost her mind, she began hunting for it.

11. Yo mother is so unattractive that she made a blind child cry.

12. Yo mother is so unattractive that when she was a kid, she had to trick-or-treat by phone.

13. Yo Mama is so sad that blues artists flock to see her when they're stuck for words.

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