the Best Ways to Remove Facial Hair

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Invest in a couple of good razors and only use them to shave your face.


If the idea of standing in front of the viewfinder and putting a shaving brush to your face gives you the creeps, get a dermaplaning treatment instead.


The main benefit is that the hair won't grow back as fast because it is taken out of the follicle instead of the surface.

 Sugar waxing

You might even visit a sugar-wax salon if you don't feel like doing it yourself.


You only need tweezers to control small areas like the eyebrows or pull out stray hairs.


 As you move the epilator over the hairs, you can see how it grabs each hair and quickly rips it out of the follicle.

Depilatory creams

Using a depilatory lotion, it is easy to get rid of hair on the skin.

Laser hair removal

If you want to get rid of your face hair for good, laser hair removal is the best way to do it.

The laser from your dermatologist will kill hair follicles by heating them up so much that they break.

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