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Brown eyes predominate

Last but not least, there is no shortage of brown-eyed Europeans. However, in nations such Finland and Estonia, brown eyes constitute a distinct minority.

Exactly what causes brown eyes

eyes that are lighter and skin that is darker are both signs of a higher melanin content.

Different brown eyes exist

There are different types of brown eyes everywhere in the world.

Parents and child have different eye colors

The phenomenon is not exclusive to blue eyes; offspring of brown-eyed fathers can also produce children with greener or hazel eyes.

Brown-eyed girls may find it difficult to date blue-eyed men

Blue-eyed ladies are more beautiful to males than anybody else, thus they like them.

Brown-eyed persons can have different-colored eyes

A lack of melanin in the newborn body causes the irises to be colourless and blue. Perhaps this is the origin of the term "baby blues.

People with dark eyes are more likely to get cataracts

Brown-eyed people have an increased risk of acquiring cataracts, which obscure the eye and impede vision.

Brown-eyed persons have favourable cancer news

Carcinoma of the uvea is a malignancy that affects the back of the eye and is more common in those with lighter skin and hair.

Brown-eyed persons react faster

According to the data, persons with dark eyes responded more quickly to a single stimulus than those with lighter eyes.

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