the Best Tips For designing Plaid Pants

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Using solid accent colours

Patterned trousers, whether bold prints or delicate plaids, paired with a solid-colored shirt in a muted shade, make a bold fashion statement.

Try monochromatic

We want to dispel the idea that pattern-free outfits can only be worn in one colour, since we love wearing all-black outfits.

Plus leather

By putting leather on top of your plaid, you can combine two tough and fashionable looks.

Mix patterns

Wearing colours and tones that go well together will help you avoid clashing patterns.

Combining with denim

Denim jackets are very versatile because they look good with everything, from dress pants to your favourite plaid shirt.

Put some layers in

Having a lot of layers is both a fashion statement and a practical one. If you're in between seasons, this is a great way to wear your checked pants.

plaid with plaid

The easiest way to try out this look is to wear many different plaids together. If you're not sure where to start, a matching suit is always a good choice.

Become graphic

This easy-going take on a bright colour makes you want to smile. When worn with a top that fits better, these green plaid pants are perfect for the office.

Embrace fall vibes

We love how the checkered pants in this outfit just add a splash of colour to the rest of the outfit's muted colours.

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