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Gareth Ward, a Michelin-starred chef from Welshpool, declared a McDonald's in the east of Wales to be the best in the world.

He ranks this Mickey D's as one of the top three national restaurants.

Chefs occasionally request late-night or early-morning meals because of their profession. They've even shared their favourite fast-food restaurants.

However, labelling a McDonald's one of his country's best restaurants is startling.Why? According to a famous chef, everything tastes better there.

He said he had a McCrispy, which is comparable to the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and it was different. Though he couldn't prove it, it tasted like truffle mayonnaise.

"It's just great," Ward added. "Everyone says this is the best McDonald's in the world."

A reporter researched the chef's assertions. The drive-thru line was like Chick-fil-A on free chicken sandwich day.

She called the personnel "the nicest part of the visit" for assisting with ordering and seating. She enjoyed her McCrispy but didn't detect any truffle mayo.

The little details made it the finest McDonald's she'd ever had. The menu differences would be the highlight for Americans.

There are Cheesy Garlic Bites, multiple chicken wraps, a Carmel Waffle Latte, and the newly launched Double McPlant. They also have the delicious Chicken Selects.

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