The best Cute Small Towns on the East Coast

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Port Clyde, Maine

Another fascinating location is the Port Clyde Public Market, which is distinguished by its greenish siding and red woodwork and fittings.

Hudson, New York

The Hudson Valley provides some of the most stunning autumn foliage in the United States, so postponing your trip till then won't be a waste of time either.

Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic Food is a genuine restaurant in this beachside community, but it's far from the only thing to do here.

Duck, North Carolina

The town's promenade overlooks the Currituck Audio to the west, making it one of the few East Coast spots to watch the sunset over the ocean.

Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Bellefonte's closeness to nearby sights, bed & services, vintage boutiques, and caf├ęs make it a must-see destination.

St. Michaels, Maryland

If you're craving seafood dish, you must visit Limoncello on Talbot Road for some authentic Italian cuisine.

Juliette, Georgia

A visit to Juliette is well worth it due to the charming beauty of the town and the warm southern friendliness found at every side.

Lewes, Delaware

Cape Henlopen State Park has breathtaking scenery, and if you're tired from travelling, a glass of wine can help you relax.

You may take a boat trip or rent a kayak to get a different perspective on the historic architecture.

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