The Best Bob Hairstyles For Black Women

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Perfect Flip

The leading lady wants to look funny, so she parts her hair down the side and wears her bangs in the same way.

Wings of a butterfly

Use a bob that has been twisted out for the best results.

The Purple Reign

The asymmetrical purple cut gives the classic bob a cool new look. You could try the split middle section of Skye.

Bob, Not on Duty

To make the bob more ready for the runway, add some waves to it. Her hair makes her look sophisticated and seductive.

Unbalanced Bob

Box braids that mimic an asymmetrical haircut are a great way to get the trim you want without actually cutting your hair that way.

Impeded Blow Out

By using this method, both drying time and shrinkage can be cut down. It also adds a lot of volume to the design as a whole.

Sparkling Side Clip

All you need for this style is a smoothed-down front, sides, and back in the direction you want the clips to go.

Fulani braids with beads

Depending on what the Fulani woman wants, her braids will either go all the way around her head or reach a good distance away from her scalp.

Windblown Wonder

For a cool look, curl your hair in a few places with a flat iron that has a medium-wide barrel.

Best Hairstyle Based On Your Face

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