Taco Bell Is Planning Two New Mexican Pizzas

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Taco Bell is known for its tasty food menu items and keeps on making new food innovations from time to time.

Taco Bell plans to launch two new Mexican pizza flavours, the Cheese Jalapeo Mexican Pizza and the Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza, a few months after reintroducing the original.

For spice aficionados, the Cheese Jalapeo Mexican Pizza, topped with nacho cheese sauce and sliced jalapeos, is a wonderful option.

This dish will be available just to diners in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza is made in Omaha, Nebraska, and it has a third layer of meat and bean filling (the original include just two layers).

Even while the Mexican Pizza test is only being conducted in two locations, if everything goes well, the new menu items might be available at a Taco Bell near you by 2023.

Even if everyone else is probably ready to welcome 2023, Mexican pizza enthusiasts had a terrific year

It was included in a musical starring Dolly Parton, Doja Cat, and TikToker Victor Kunda, and it was reintroduced to menus permanently this September.

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Taco Bell Makes A Major Menu Item Addition

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