Surprising Traits Men Like About Women

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Blue eyes

Brown-eyed girls shouldn't worry, though, because a study shows that only blue-eyed men show a preference for blue-eyed women as potential mates.

older appearance

As your first grey hairs appear or you reach the next age bracket, it might be difficult. A collaborative research found that some males like mature women.

Similarities to parents

Some research suggests that a man's parents affect his attractiveness beyond his age.

right sense of humor

A study found that both men and women like different kinds of humour.

right head tilt

Males find it attractive when a woman tilts her head just a little bit.

Taking risks

All men and women find it appealing when a potential partner takes some risks. Women liked women who were adventurous, but men liked them too.

high-pitched voice

Studies show that men like voices with a higher pitch more than voices with a deeper tone.


Several things that men find attractive are linked to ovulation, and the scientist behind it is exciting. A study found that men find more attractive women who can have children.

The perfect WHR

We've been told that the hourglass shape looks best. Yet, researchers at the University of Texas found that only the last measurement counts.

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