Starbucks' Secret Recipe Is Economy-Proof

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Starbucks' Business Has Grown

Dec. saw our highest average ticket price ever, which is surprising given that the holiday season is typically a time of year when individuals downsize their spending.

The departing temporary CEO, who will continue to serve on the board of the business,

 thinks the organisation is still in a very good place.

As a result, we don't anticipate ourselves needing to provide significant discounts or having to deal with downsizing clients.

Users are able to make their own unique beverages, which drives up the price of the order and, by extension, the perceived value of what they're purchasing from Starbucks.

In the United States, Starbucks Is Growing Rapidly

Simply said, neither actual or anticipated weakening of the economy in Starbucks' home market has had any discernible effect on the company's domestic sales.

 The growth of the chain's customer loyalty gives them a ready pool of customers to target with in-app and email promotions whenever foot traffic drops.

Exiting Q1 2018, the number of current Starbucks Loyalty customers in the United States was over 30 million,

an increase of 4 million customers, or 15%, year over year and an increase of 6% quarter over quarter.

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