some things you think men like, but they don't like


Men disagree with women that larger lips or chests are preferable. A natural appearance exudes confidence and helps a lady appear approachable.

Fillers overload

A young woman's innate beauty will draw the attention of males. Men seem to think more highly of mature women.

Looking too young

On a date, boys mostly prefer that their girlfriends eat food with them and not only drink water.

Always dieting

Brows have dominated fashion for a decade. While males disregard this inclination, women stress about it. It's fake.

Fake brows

People consider spending more as childish, so it breaks the relationship.


Men like being hilarious. Men may feel threatened by comediennes. A humorous female friend is acceptable, but a partner should smile at his jokes.

Being too funny

Ugg shoes are considered hip and enticing by women, but unappealing by males.

Ugg boots

Men typically have tattoos on their private parts because they are symbolic of power and strength, yet these tattoos might seem like distracting hair patches.

Certain tattoos

Women believe contouring enhances their cheeks and noses. Men dislike this trend because they dislike women who wear cosmetics to hide.


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