Signs That Means Your Partner Isn't Ready for Marriage

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changing the subject when it comes to marriage

Many persons wrongly assume that their spouse is only uncomfortable talking about the topic. Don't disregard this warning sign.

They criticise marriage

Whenever you talk about marriage with your partner, if he does not give good comments, then he is not happy on this topic.

If your lover frequently complains about how miserable marriage is or claims that everyone they know who is married is unhappy

Their mood shifts when marriage is brought up

 "They're OK with things as they are and might be an excellent companion overall. They aren't mature enough yet."

They haven't tried introducing you to their family

If your partner did not introduce you to his family. so she is not ready to get married yet.

A real lover will make an effort to incorporate you in their lives and will boast about you to their loved ones.

They avoid conversations about the future

When someone is sincerely interested in being with you, they often not only demonstrate this via their behaviours but also engage in an honest discussion regarding the future. 

They never really make any decisions

When your partner never takes any decision with you and leaves everything to you, its mean  your partner  is not ready for marriage.

They tell you directly

Before calling a partnership a "red flag," rethink and find out why. Discuss what your spouse has to do before wedding."

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