Signs That Means Your Marriage Is Divorce-Proof

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You're both committed

Spending time and energy on your partner increases intimacy, communication, and mutual respect. The security and closeness of a couple grows via shared experiences.


To avoid divorce, you and your partner must be friendly and able to demonstrate this friendship.

Trust, open communication, and mutual support are the cornerstones of any healthy relationship, be it platonic or romantic.

You fight

Recognize that disagreements are unavoidable and make an effort to resolve them with your partner.

Conversations, debates, and even fights help you learn more about each other and ensure fair play.

You and your partner budget properly

No purchases may be made in secret, and all major purchases and other financial choices must be discussed.

In addition to your connection, each of you is an individual

You need not stay inseparable at all times. While it's OK to show interest in your partner's passions and even try them out on your own,

it's important to give each other space to explore hobbies on your own without feeling jealous or suspicious.

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